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Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

  • Package:carton
  • Size:230*130mm
  • Model:EFK2808
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    [product applicable]

    Cold compress: headache, fever, toothache, heat stroke, scald, muscle strain, sprain, trauma, hemostasis, beauty, etc..

    Hot compress: arthritis, rheumatism, dysmenorrhea, stomach upset, cervical vertebra inflammation, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain, etc..

    [instructions for use]

    Cold: place the hot and cold bag in the freezer for 30 minutes, or chill out for more than 1 hours

    Hot compress:

    Methods 1. Place the product in boiling water (Guan Huo) for 3 minutes. Dry it out

    Methods 2. Put this article in the water bottles can be heated by microwave oven ware, put microwave heating 3-5 minutes.

    Methods 3. put the product into the microwave oven (middle heat), and use the heating time every 30 seconds, if used continuously, second times in 15 seconds.


    250g   230*130mm

    280g   280*130mm