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How to run healthily?

Before running, the preparation activities should be carried out properly, and the limbs should be slowly moved to relax the muscles of the whole body, and the heart rate and breath should be adapted to the needs of the exercise. The preparation activities are generally 2-3 minutes.

When running, the pace should be light and fast, arms swing naturally, and breathe in with your nose and mouth. Breathe deeply and slowly, with rhythm. Inhale once every two or three steps, and exhale once in two or three steps.

The speed of fitness running is 120 meters to 130 meters per minute, so it is appropriate to be able to speak with others while running without difficulty or short breath. For the first time, you can jog for 5 to 10 minutes, and increase to 15 to 20 minutes after gradual adaptation. It is better to exercise once a day, and those with difficulties should exercise at least 3 times a week, increasing gradually to 30 to 40 minutes each time.

After running, it is not suitable to stop immediately, but should walk slowly or step in place, do some relaxation and finishing activities, so that all organs of human body gradually recover from the state of movement to a calm state. It is best to run healthily every morning, and do it according to your ability.

People with poor physical fitness or lack of exercise before can walk, run and use them first, and then jog all the way after gradually adapting. The distance of running is from close to far, and the speed is from slow to fast, so as to feel the whole body is comfortable. If you are unable to exercise in the event of windy snow, windy weather or other reasons, you can run in place in the room.

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