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Light EAB Strapping Tape

Colors: Beige / white
Specification: 5 / 7.5cm x 4.5 / 6.9m
Material: Cotton
Applications: Sport support / fitness protection

Light Eab sports tape

Permeable and waterproof, can applied in high humidity or water.

Can easily unwind, even to the end of the badage.

Latex free, zinc oxide, causes less allergic reactions risk

Soft and comfortable

Strong and reliable stickiness

cotton and spandex backing material with Waterproof treatment

light elastic bandage.jpg

I would like to introduce our company as Eiffel Medical Supplies Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer and reliable exporter in China, specializing in R&D and producing sport bandages and other medical supplies since 2002. 

Eiffel Medical Supplies is a Chinese supplier of excellent quality medical items and healthcare products. We have been in the medical supply business since 2002.

We have a vast range of medical products.Our major products and services include but not limited to cohesive bandage, kinesiology tape, other medical items and so on. 

We have exported products to customers all over the world. Our annual export amount is more than 25 million US dollars. Currently our main markets are as follows:

European market such as France, UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy and so on; 

Southeast Asia market such as Japan, Singapore, Philippine, Korea and so on; 

America market such as the USA, Canada, and some South America countries. 

Oceania market such as Australia and New Zealand. 

We look forward to being of service to you! We will continue to devote ourselves to the development and production of medical products, and providing every customer with better products and services. Welcome to visit our factory for further cooperation.