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  • 201721/08

    17.non-woven cloth is the important material for the medical products

      N on-woven cloth is made by the directional or random fiber, is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with moisture, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non combustion, easy decompo...

  • 201718/08

    16.Gauze bandage

      Type of gauze bandage materials are many, one hundred percent cotton plain gauze bandage, gauze bandage, elastic wrinkle urethane elastic bandages, elastic bandages and PBT cotton cloth selvage gauze ba...

  • 201717/08 to use the adhesive bandage

      Adhesive bandage is very important in our daily life for us, but how to use that? Adhesive bandage has become a household necessity, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. Band aid itself has n...

  • 201716/08

    14.What is the plaster bandage

      What is the plaster bandage? The plaster bandage is made of powder calcined gypsum, polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetate emulsion.   The bandage is evenly coated on the gauze ...

  • 201715/08

    13.Home first aid kit is the basic configuration

      As we know, home first aid kit is one of the basic kit, it suit for the home basic medical use. It include some of the daily use medical items, such as the first aid bandage, pbt elastic bandage, adhesive p...

  • 201714/08

    12.First aid kit is very important for everyone of us

      First aid kit is very important is our life. such as the car first aid kit, when there are the sudden traffic accideng, one side we need to call the emergency call, and the other size, we need to have our o...

  • 201720/07

    11.Easy Car First Aid Bag in one place is essential in improving response time

      Easy Car   First Aid Bag   in one place is essential in improving response time in treating patients. While this might not seem like a big deal for a scrape or a minor sprain, it is the dif...

  • 201713/07

    10.First aid kits can be assembled in almost any type of container

      When an accident happens make sure you have a   first aid kit   handy.  Op307 Eva First Aid Kit carries a variety of first aid kits in assorted sizes and styles to suit all your first ...

  • 201712/06

    9.Our main products are the first aid kit, elastic bandage

     Our main products are the first aid kit, elastic bandage,wound dressing, disposable gloves. Our products have competitive price and excellent quality, it is welcome by our clients.

  • 201723/05

    8.Welcome Mr. Aurimas Skuodas visit our factory

     Welcome Mr. Aurimas Skuodas visit our factory and have a order of 40HQ bandage scssors, we have signed a agreement for the order within one year.