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Medical Latex Examination Gloves

Type:Sterile powdered andSterile powder-free
Material:Natural Rubber Imported From Thailand

Certificate: EU CE Certified & FDA Registered
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Latex gloves are one kind of gloves. They are different from ordinary gloves and are made of latex. It can be used in family, industry, medical, beauty and other industries, and is a necessary hand protection product. The latex gloves, which are made of natural latex and other fine additives, are comfortable to wear after special surface treatment and are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life.

Products:Disposable Sterilized Rubber Surgical Gloves
Type:Sterile powder-free and pitted surface;
         Sterile powdered and pitted surface;
Material:Natural Rubber Imported From Thailand
Features:Adopting ergonomic design that ensures perfect fitting and confort; Specialtechnique to ensure tough and tolerant texture; Pitted surface design on palm side to prevent slippery in getting things; Powder-free gloves are slippery inside and comfortable utside, convenient and anti-allergy;
Use Scope:For preventing cross infection between patients and users in surgical operation.

Latex glove process description

The rubber is first sliced by the rubber mixer, and then sent to the sol tank to mix the sol with gasoline. After being emulsified and modulated, the sol is pumped to the emulsion tundish. The rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is delivered from the top of the distillation tower and distilled by steam heating. 

The light component gasoline is heated into the gas phase, and the gasoline gas is mixed and cooled by cold water in the oil gas cooler. The oil-water mixture is then sent to the oil-water separator for oil-water stratification. The gasoline in the upper layer is recovered, and the water in the lower part is pumped to the cooling tower for cooling. 

After cooling, the gas gasoline in the distillation tower is cooled; The emulsion from the distillation tower bottom is sent to the emulsion mixing tank for mixing according to its own pressure. After mixing, it is sent to the centrifuge to separate the raw latex of gloves, and then it is ready for use after color mixing and filtering.

The glove model shall be cleaned with acid and alkali and water. The cleaned model shall be immersed in hot water for heating before being immersed in coagulant and dried for glue dipping. After dipping, the rubber shall be sent to the oven for preliminary drying, fiber inner sleeve shall be added, and hot water shall be flushed before being sent to the oven for curing and drying. 

After demoulding, the gloves shall be checked for inflation, shaped at low temperature, dried at medium temperature, washed, dehydrated and dried before being packaged and sent to the finished product warehouse.

latex glove.jpg

latex glove.jpg

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