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PBT First Aid Absorbent Bandage

Material: pbt + absorbent pad
Size: 6x8cm/8x10cm/10x12cm

Certificate: EU CE Certified & FDA Registered
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PBT first aid bandage with a absorbent pad bandage has good stretch and elasticity. First aid bandage is very suitable for dressing and fixing all parts of the body, especially the joints, First aid bandage can flexibly adjust the tightness in the process of dressing. First aid bandage specifications are diverse, which can be divided into ordinary packaging and sterilization packaging according to packaging first aid bandage.

First Aid Bandage:

Covering a break in the skin helps to control bleeding and protect against infection. Dressings are pads of gauze or cloth that can be placed directly against the wound to absorb blood and other fluids. Cloth bandages cover dressings and hold them in place.

Step 1. Dress the wound

1) Put on gloves or use other protection to avoid contact with the victim's blood.

2) Clean the wound with mild soap and water.

3) Apply a small layer of topical antibiotic if desired.

4) Place a clean dressing over the entire wound. Gauze dressings let in air for faster healing. Nonstick dressings have a special surface that won't cling to the wound.

5) If blood soaks through the dressing, place another dressing over the first one.

Step 2. Cover the bandage

1) Wrap roller gauze or cloth strips over the dressing and around the wound several times with first aid bandage

2) Extend the first aid bandage at least an inch beyond both sides of the dressing.

3) Don't wrap the first aid bandage so tight that it interferes with blood flow to healthy tissue.

Step 3. Secure the bandage

1) Tie or tape the first aid bandage in place.

2) Don't secure the first aid bandage so tight that fingers or toes become pale or blue.

Step 4. Check circulation

1) Check circulation in the area below the first aid bandage after several minutes and again after several hours. If circulation is poor, the skin may look pale or blue or feel cold. Signs of poor circulation also include numbness and tingling first aid bandage.

2) If circulation is reduced, loosen the first aid bandage immediately. If symptoms continue, seek medical attentionfirst aid bandage .

Material55% viscose 45% cotton with absorbent pad
Weight:g/m*m28g,30g/PBT bandage ( OEM)
Size6 x 8cm / 8 x 10cm / 10 x 12cm / oem
Notedpersonalized specifications as possible as customer' request
Packingeach roll individually wrapped bandages with waterproof paper

first aid bandage.jpg

first aid bandage.jpg

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